Bungle Bungles

Our journey through the Kimberleys continues. We head to the destination that we’ve always been looking forward to, the Bungle Bungles.

Our standard ‘on the road’ lunch on this trip is vegemite or peanut butter or tuna sandwiches. We stop at Wurman (which is just a roadhouse) for lunch. A bit of information – our kids like to spend their pocket money on lollies. They like this 1m rope of bubblegum. 

By time we drive back to Kununurra for supplies it’s a full day of driving from El Questro. To get to the Bungle Bungles we turn off the highway onto the 54km long dirt road which is a chiropractic workout. It takes us 1hr 40min to travel that distance. 

We set up camp and we just have time to travel out to the sunset viewing platform. While we watch the moon over the bungle bungles, the kids get into some dirt art. 

Our campsite is next to a dry creek bed and over these couple of days the kids have a ball digging into the river bank making out little homes for themselves. What can we say, our kids like playing in dirt. And no showers makes for a dusty family. 

For our next day we go out to see the amazing and spectacular Bungle Bungles. This is a special place. 


We go to Cathedral Cave and we stay there awhile taking it in. It becomes ‘a day at the beach’ with the kids digging holes and tunnels in the sand.


Something flicks the switch and all the way back Noah and Amelia play together happily.

In the afternoon we head out to Echidna Gorge. Part of this trip has been learning about geology. We all now know about conglomerate and sedimentary rocks and how they form. The kids just LOVE us reading out to them all the educational signs. The gorge gets progressively more narrow.


 Tonight the kids want to have another night sleeping under the stars. They choose a freezing night to do it. During the night dingoes that seem quite close start howling around midnight (full moon and everything). It’s very eerie. Amelia wants to move her mattress under our annex. Noah does not budge. It’s not bravery. It’s just that nothing can wake that boy up. This is them in the morning. By the way, we like WA time much better than NT time. Sunrise is at 530am. Much better than 7am. Getting up earlier and going to bed earlier works much better for us. 
The Bungle Bungles is a special place. Breathtaking. But it’s time for us to pack up and keep heading west.



5 thoughts on “Bungle Bungles

  1. the boys reaction…WOAH…look at Garnet’s beard!!!!
    That is a great pic of the 2 of you. Thanks for the updates. What spectacular countryside you guys are seeing. Now….how to get Steve to take a chunk of long service leave….;-)

  2. Well I get the feeling that the Swans are gaining an attachment to the land and work with the Ebb and Flow of the sun and moon.
    Also an appreciation of what we just take for granted sometimes. A cold drink and hot shower!
    Wonder how many nights will be spent outside once back!

    1. Yes. Very much thinking about sun – in terms of getting shade for where we set up tent, but also the sunrises and sunsets that stream through our tent. I was saying to Kirst that my favourite time of day is waking up in the morning , crawl out of our tent, put kettle on and have quiet coffee while the world awakens and the colours change. And we do now track the cycle of the moon too.

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