We get to the destination we’ve been looking forward to – Perth, where we’re meeting up with Kirsty’s parents. We’re excited to be able to see them. 

And on top of that, we get to stay in a house! It belongs to Kirsty’s Dad’s cousin who is overseas at the moment and they’ve kindly let us stay there. Oh the luxury of it all. A bed. Our own toilet. A proper table to sit at. A TV. A fridge. A bed. Our own toilet. Lounge chairs. A bed. 

Over these 5 days we see the sites of Perth. For our first day we go Fremantle to check out a bunch of cool stuff that is down there. As it turns out it’s a rainy day, our first for this whole trip. But hey, we’re not in our tent. Did I mention we’re sleeping in a bed? We go to the maritime museum.


As we walk towards the marina we spot a water spout that made the news that night. Apparently it caused a bit of damage. 


The fellas go to Little Creatures brewery. 


And we visit old Fremantle Prison. We take a tour to learn about some of the escapes. Over a hundred people escaped from this place during its time. We learn about the soft limestone walls. The walls were so soft a man could dig through his cell wall in one night with a spoon.  Not exactly ‘Shawshank Redemption’ difficult. And below is a picture of the prison’s most famous escapee who escaped 3 times. ‘Moondime Joe’. Very dashing. 


And here’s a pack of crims that have managed to escape. 

Finally for our first full day in Perth we take a look at the markets.


On Sunday we go to the movies, and we check out the Perth Mint. 


We then go to St Matthew’s Anglican’s afternoon service.  It’s great to be there. We hear about God’s faithfulness in the midst of circumstances which can be discouraging. We also meet up with old friends of ours, Robyn and Du Vinh Nham and their kids, Toby and Sophie. The next day we have lunch together and the kids played at a nearby park. It was so good to have that time together. Du Vinh is an encourager. 

By the way. Noah gets a haircut in the morning and I relent to Kirsty’s wishes and the beard gets a trim. I feel I’ve somehow betrayed the beard. 


The next day we go to Kings Park which is an awesome place with cafes and playgrounds, and walks. It’s been great for the kids to have this time with the grandparents. It’s been so good. 

The rest of the arvo is spent cleaning up the car, repacking everything and stocking up. Tomorrow the grandparents fly back to Canberra and we head south. I’m looking forward to getting back to the tent and exploring south west WA.  But it might be cold. 


4 thoughts on “Perth

  1. There seems to be a theme running through this post….something about a bed? Loving the beard. Nearly as good as the crim in the photo đŸ™‚ Your photos are awesome.

  2. You guys visited places in your few days that we never visited in our 7 years there! But I did walk most of Kings Park (except the steep bit with lots of steps). Enjoy the SW.

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