And so after a fantastic week on the WA south coast we have to take the eastward road into South Australia. And that means doing the Nullarbor Highway. 

There’s not many photos I take over this part of the journey and there’s not much to say. Lots of flatness. Lots of big sky. Lots of flies. Lots of not much out there. Day 1- Esperance to Madura Pass Roadhouse, 723kms. This is our campsite. At night we have a movie night. This is our 3rd campsite movie for the trip and it’s a repeat showing of ‘Paper Plans’. 


Day 2 – Madura Pass to Penong, 598 kms

PAlong the way we have a look at the old telegraph station at Eucla which has been taken over by sand dunes. The kids love climb over and through the walls. 


And we then get to the SA border so here’s another one of those border crossing family pics. 


We didn’t realise the highway would take us right next to the ocean. We stop at a couple of lookouts and at ‘Head of Bight’ were we take in the cliffs and the southern right whales below. 


Have I mentioned the flies along the Nullarbor? They are terrible. Buzzing in your ears and nostrils. We have instant noodles at Head of Bight and you have to constantly wave them away so they don’t land in our bowls. The kids want to eat in our car but we persist at the picnic table. 

It’s Saturday arvo when we arrive at Penong. The Broncos are playing their night final and they have a TV here at the caravan park. I’m a bit excited that I can watch the game. But this is SA and so the TV is taken over by AFL followers who want to watch the other code. Sad face. 


2 thoughts on “Nullarbor

  1. So true, what more can you say about the nullarbor – its a road and its very very long! And the ocean view is very welcome hey?! When i read your blog, i get the sense of a family gone offline and loving it. Soak it up dudes. We are (hopefully if everyone is well) off to cairns and cooktown for the hols so will be in travelling vibe with you. For the rest of your journey, may the wind play with your hair and the sun warm your face ☺

    1. Have a great trip Richardsons. Hitting the road is a beautiful thing. Yes, it’s amazing how you can enter into a whole new lifestyle where you have very little (compared to what you normally need to get by) but it seems easy and normal.

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