Going Home

We set our sails for home now. In 3 days time we should be back.  It’s weird to think this trip has nearly finished. It was Kirsty who originally wanted to do this camping trip, not me. Over 3 months in a tent? That sounded like crazy talk to me. But in the end it’s been easy. We reckon we could do another 14 weeks. 

We pack up our tent in Mt Isa.  Noah spends a bit of time hammering on all our bent pegs and they’ve come good. 

We drive through the the bleak countryside of Western Qld and we stop for lunch at Winton. We check out one of the local opal shops and this old converted general store.

For our second last night we get to Barcaldine. When we stayed in this caravan park 3 months ago it was packed. Now it’s almost empty. It seems the grey nomads have migrated back south.

In the morning we pack up for another long days drive. These long days in the car give us plenty of time to listen to audio books. We finish ‘Inkheart’ and then listen to ‘Swashbuckler’. 

We drive through Tambo. There’s so much roadkill around. There’s stuffing everywhere. 


We push onto Miles for the night and stay at ‘Possum Park’.  It’s late in the day when we set up the tent for the last time. Dinner tonight is crocodile sausages. Back in Alice Springs we found a great butcher and we worked our way through their selection of sausages. We thought Camel & Date was tasty. What can we say about crocodile?  – a bit like fish, a bit like chicken. The kids like it but for Kirsty and I it’s a bit too reptilian. 

We don’t have showers tonight and it’s been 3 days. We’ve developed an attitude on this trip that a daily shower is an excessive thing. 

After dinner we head over to the communal fire. There’s no one here. We talk about our favourite memories from this amazing trip. It’s hard to believe it’s almost over. 

In the morning we’re in no rush. We have pancakes for breakfast. 


We pack up for the last time and start the drive home. The kids ask how many kilometres the drive is today? We tell them it is about 450km. They respond by saying “wow it’s only a short drive!” How their perspectives have changed.

Here’s some stats:

Distance travelled – 23620 kms

Number of nights away – 93.

Number of locations we stayed – 52.

Number of times we set up our tent – 50.

Number of rainy days – 2 (plus one hailstorm driving into Brisbane).

Number times we had mechanical/tyre problems – 0.

Number of teeth lost – 3 (Amelia).

Longest time between showers –  5 days 

Number of times I used the axe – to numerous to count.

The back of the car has looked like this. 


Sometimes the inside of the tent has looked like this. 


It’s been the best sort of holiday but we are now home. Thanks for the welcome back sign Liz & Brendan. 

This trip was such a special experience. So many moments for the family memory bank. We’re thankful for the support of many people who made this possible. Jesus is our gracious king and he has provided richly for us. We’ve seen and marvelled at his creation. 

 “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork”.  Psalm 19:1. 


5 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. What a wonderful holiday you have had. The children would have learnt more about this land we live in than in any classroom.

  2. Wow! You’re back. Well done. Really looking forward to catching up and hearing more stories. The big question of course is how much longer the beard stays on?

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